The major problem we face currently are on going costs for electricity and internet connection.  While the E Village intends to eventually financially sustainable, this is not immediately possible.  We propose the following:
1.    Generation of a mini hydro power plant
A member of the community has a mini hydro power plant which he is willing to share with the E Village.  We propose to link this power plant to the school which would generate enough electricity for the entire school as well as the computer lab. If we are successful with this we would be able to use the funds saved by the school for electricity to be used for paying the internet costs. Students could also contribute to the internet costs. Approximate Cost    : Rs 10,000,000
* English literacy difficulties.
* Lack of ICT-trained staff members.
* paying monthly electricity bills.
* All sorts of computer-related equipment.
* A telephone line or Wi-max, HSPA,3G,Radio link internet connection
* An electricity generator.
* Scholarships for students.
* English books & dictionaries.
* Qualified ICT & English teaching volunteers.

Most important thing is we will have to pay our electricity and internet bills which is more than $70 monthly. Our students gets every service from the for free. How ever We are not able to pay this sum of money. So we would like to invite people from all over the world to join us. We have a currant account at peoples bank, Neluwa,Sri lanka.Acc number is 131-1-001-3-0000913.our contact details are as bellow. Our websites are as follows or


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