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The Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP) developed the idea of establishing Evillages in selected schools in order to take ICT and English literacy to rural areas through schools.

  • Batuwangala Evillage and Batuwangala Public  School
The Evillage project is located in the computer laboratory of Batuwangala Nawodya Maha Vidyalaya where classes are conducted for the pupils from the entire community.Alternative and innovative methods are used to encourage children to improve their English skills.The emphasis is on application; students are encouraged to use English by writing emails, for instance.Teachers are encouraged to use the laboratory to teach their subjects as well to develop interactive lesson materials with the help of power point and other computer-based methods.
  • Our mission

Improving education & socio-economic development Strengthening local livelihood strategies Creating career opportunities for the youth Reducing inequality between urban & rural communities in accessing ICT services & technology for sustainable development.

  • Problems we are facing

We may categorize to problems in tow ways. In one hand Batuwangala Public school does not have a teacher’s quarters. This has led a situation where the teachers sent by the ministry, how ever get transfers back coz they do not have a proper place to stay. Infrastructure of the school is more than forty years old and the buildings, utilities must be changed. Throughout the year it rains in Batuwangala. So utilities must be improved to meet the basic needs of teachers and students.

School play ground is a swamp like ground where it has led students to get sick by the drained water. So the play ground must be modified. Buildings and utilities must be installed to conduct computer lectures and English language practices. Given bellow are some of the requirements which are need quick solutions.

  • Lack of ICT-trained staff members.
  • paying monthly electricity bills.
  • All sorts of computer-related equipment.
  • A telephone line or Wi-max,HSPA,3G,Radio link internet connection
  • An electricity generator.
  • Scholarships for students.
  • English books & dictionaries.
  • Qualified ICT & English teaching volunteers.
We would be glad if you can send us used computers,multimedia projectors when you fill your company,institute with new technology.Fellow Sri Lankens this is the change in Sri Lanken Education you wanted to have.Now it is happening here in Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya.So Contact us…

By Post Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya
Batuwangala ,
Sri Lanka.
Bank Account # Information and Technology Account,
Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya.
People’s Bank,
Udugama,Galle,Sri Lanka
0094-718-375680(Principal,BMV, Mrs.Wijenayake)
0094-718-264249(Manager,Computer Lab, Aruna Chaminda )
0094-713-122461(Diputy Manager,Mrs.Nishanthi Gunasekara)
How to Visit Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya…..
From a vehical:Via Galle,Galle Town ——> Udugama——>Neluwa——->BatuwangalaVia Kaluthara :Kaluthara—–>Mathugama——->Palawaththa—->Neluwa–>Batuwangala.

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