Tree Planting Campagin By Mother Sri Lanka Society.

The story of our motherland is presently taking a different turn, a turn which is unprecedented and never thought of. At this crucial milestone of our country, Sri Lanka requires the assistance of all its citizens both in and out of Sri Lanka to speed the process of recovery and develop a country which has extraordinary potential. In light of achieving this primary objective, the Mother Sri Lanka project is working towards bringing together diverse perspectives under one umbrella to develop positive thinking about Sri Lanka. The Mother Sri Lanka Program is implemented with leadership and direction from the President’s Office.

Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya took Part the debate Series organized by the Mother Sri Lanka Foundation and won the first place from the zonal level.Then we Participate for the district level competition held at Richmond college Galle.Then we were selected for the Provincial Competition. We won the second place from there.Then we were asked to participate for provincial competition held at Ruhuna University Auditorium Mathara and we could win the second Place from there also. We hope to participate all Island competitions now.Mother Sri Lanka Society of Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya Organized a Tree Planting campaign Last week.Students Of BMV participated for this programme with Plants of their own.

Mother Sri Lanka Society members consist of the Wining Team Members also.Ayeshika And Nisansala who are Currently Grade 11 students of BMV participated with this programme By planting Trees.

Principal Thilaka WWijenayake also Planted a plant to mark her participatin for the campaign.She Guided students to engage in this kind of activities.Also she gave her blessings to the Mother Sri Lanka team who are going to participate for the All island competitions.

Batuwangala Temple And Nayaka Thero Ven.Mawanane Amarawansha helped us a lot and Always advised and Blessed the school.Mother Sri Lanka Society Invited Ven.Piyarathana of Batuwangala Rajamaha Vihara to be participated with tree planting Campaign.

Accademic staff of Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya Also participated for the campaign.Teachers of BMV helped a lot to win this thrown for the school.


About batuwangala

I am Aruna Chaminda Pushpakumara.I was born as the eldest of my family. I have one sister. we live in Galle. I was a extroversive character from my childhood. I used to be with my grandmother when I was a child. She was my first teacher. She lived in polonnaruwa and to day I believe, the time I spent with my grand mother has made me who I am today. From the childhood I wanted to learn every thing. I can remember well. I didn’t wanted to pass the examinations. But wanted to learn how things work. I was not a tamed boy. As my grandmother most of the time had to visit my school for principals, class teacher’s messages. I did two things from the begging. One was mathematics. The other was English. I got through my OL with a distinction for mathematics. Then every one in my family wanted me to learn to be an engineer. But I wanted to be a doctor. I got through the GCE AL. But couldn’t enter the university. Then I applied for National College of Education. I got selected for Mahaweli National College of Education. This is the place where I became a defferent man. I followed the teacher training course and of course I rather followed IT over there. Most of the time I observed thing deeply and I had the ability to endure thing thoroughly. After three years of my training I came out from the college as a full teacher. Even to day I would like to thank full my teachers over there. Madam Rathnayake and Madam Manik wawegama was my best teacher Educators. Specially Assistant Principal Mr.Premadasa of Nugawela Boys College is some one I will never forget. As a whole by Teacher training I got vast knowledge, and experiences which I absorbed through out that time period helped me to work and think not only a Teacher but a counselor, also as a matured person who can understand things and how the universe works. I got my teacher appointment in 2006.I came to Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya as an English teacher. Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya is a Beautiful location. I was living in busy environment before coming here. But after I came to batuwangala I felt that I came to the place where I meant to be. So Finally I studied about the village and one day mathematics teacher Mr.Sarath brought me in to the computer lab. I saw more than 20computers were there. Dust full environment. Only three pcs were preferably can use.Mr.Sarath talked to me and he talked to principal and so I became the in charge of the lab. I cleaned the lab for more than 24 hours with senior students. Students were curios abut their new teacher who rarely speaks Sinhala.I finished the labs security levels and opened the lab for children. We published a web site for our school. Within one month. Student became friendly and I always asked them to take me as a friend who knows more than them .I also have given them the freedom to think up to far far away so they can explore things in different ways .I asked them always to start thinking where I stoped.I teach them not to pass all that examinations but to live. One day accidentally Mr.Block Jayathissa who was the Southern province IT director for SEMP talked to me. So as we were given evillage project. From there we has come across lots of obstacles. But my students, and me always silent but working. To day I have bough the innocent students to the global village. Batuwangala is 65km away from Galle city.But now I have made it one click to the whole world. Principal Thilaka Wijenayake,BMV staff helped me and guided me through.I want to see a day where my students use computers as professionals do one day.
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